Forest School

What is Forest School? Why is it so good?

Forest School provides an uplifting environment for all areas of learning. The nature outdoors is the classroom. The seasons provide changing colours, mud,sticks and stones are the tools for prodding , mark making, counting, collecting sorting. How many bugs can we find here? Where can we find them? Is it safe to walk through the long grass? Let’s talk about what we see. These are just a few examples of how the natural world is a ‘key’ that can open the door to learning.

So why is it so good? What are the benefits to the children?

We all feel better after a little fresh air and this is, as important for mental health as it is physical health. Children like to be outdoors, in sunshine or rain. When the door is open, the outdoors is always the preferred choice for children. The quiet child is chattier; the boisterous child becomes more focused. The freedom to be able run around in a naturally changing environment, promotes confidence and independence. Happy confident children make confident learners

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